Fauquier Heritage and Preservation Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 594 Marshall, VA 20116
Phone: 540-364-3440



Thank you for your research inquiry. We are an all-volunteer organization, and the Gott Library is staffed only a limited number of hours per week. Because our staff and hours are limited, we do not ordinarily undertake time-consuming research projects. If you live somewhat nearby, we invite you to visit us, and our docents will be very happy to assist you. Our hours are as follows:


            Tuesday            9:00 AM   –    4:00 PM

            Wednesday         9:00 AM      –  12:00 Noon


If it’s not feasible to visit our library, we will try to help, but please understand that our response could take weeks or even months. Please be as specific as possible as to the information you are seeking. Also, please let us know what sources you’ve already researched, so that we don’t duplicate the work you’ve already done.